Currently consisting of:

75% - Colombia, San Vicente - Washed

25% - Brazil, Caldas Royale - Natural


Chocolate fudge, toffee apple


Paradigm has a more ‘traditional’ level of development. It is rich and syrupy with a familiar flavour profile designed to please a wider array of coffee drinkers. We chose high quality components from our friends at Cofinet and 3 brothers. The Colombian component offers sweetness, balance and brightness. The acidity is rounded out by the Brazilian component, bringing a more syrupy body and some dark fudgey tones to help it cut through milk.


Dose 20g  |  Yield 46g  |  28 seconds

94ºc, Linea PB, Mythos 1


*We roast on Mondays and Tuesdays. All orders placed before Tuesday 9am (AEST) will be sent out on Wednesday morning. All orders placed after that will be roasted the following week. **If ordering later in the week, we may have some spares on hand that we can send to you straight away.

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