Marie Bedabasingwa

Rwanda, Gakenke District

Red Bourbon | Washed | 1960m

Gala apple, sultana, lavender

 Available as espresso and filter 


We are super excited to share this single producer micro-lot with you; this level of traceability is rare in Rwanda. Coming from just 600 trees, Marie Bedabasingwa’s coffee was processed at Dukunde Kawa’s Ruli washing station who we have also worked with in back in 2019. Coffee has played a big part in Marie’s journey to rebuilding her life and supporting her five surviving children after being widowed in the horrific 1994 Rwandan genocide. We look forward to seeing updates on Marie’s growth, she recently planted 50 more trees. Thank you Marie, Dukunde Kawa cooperative and Melbourne Coffee Merchants!


*We roast on Mondays and Tuesdays. All orders placed before Tuesday 9am (AEST) will be sent out on Wednesday morning. All orders placed after that will be roasted the following week. **If ordering later in the week, we may have some spares on hand that we can send to you straight away.

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